Rounded box


See the BlenderArtists thread by original author Phymec. This node merely encapsulates the code into a form that works for Sverchok. Internally the main driver is the amount of input vectors, each vector represents the x y z dimensions of a box. Each box can have unique settings. If fewer parameters are provided than sizes, then a default or the last parameter is repeated.

Inputs & Parameters

name type info
radius single value or list radius of corner fillets
arc div single value or list number of divisions in the fillet
lin div single value or list number of internal divisions on straight parts ([0..1] or [1..20])
Vector Size single vector or list x y z dimensions for each box
div type 3way switch, integers just corners, corners and edges, all
odd axis align 0..1 on or off internal rejiggery, not sure.


Depending on how many objects the input asks for, you get a Verts and Polygons list of rounded box representations.




Round Cube, real Quadsphere, Capsule (snipped thread title):

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