A Solid is a mathematical object, which is defined and represented by its boundaries (BRep)

Solids are heavier to compute than meshes but they do not depend on topology and they are better for a Boolean workflow (Union, Intersection and Difference)

In Sverchok solids depend on FreeCAD to work (that depends on OpenCascade) because Blender does not provide a internal way of handling this kind of objects.


A python 3.7 FreeCAD is needed.

A Windows version can be found here
A Linux version reachable with $sudo apt install libfreecad-python3-0.18

Then the path to the FreeCAD “bin” folder has to be placed in the Sverchok Preferences ->Extra-Nodes ->FreeCad-> TextField and click on Set Path. Then re-start Blender and it should be working.

For Windows it can be as D:\programs\conda-0.18.3\bin
For Linux it can be as /usr/lib/freecad-python3/lib/

If you change the folder, copy the new path and click “Reset Path”.

Sverchok provides a special Solids Menu by pressing “Shift + S”