Vector work drawing and 3D constructing (СВеРЧОК).

Sverchok is a parametric tool for architects and designers. You can use it to program objects' shapes without knowing any programming languages.

It is an add-on for Blender

Sverchok IS a parametric tool that relies on easy-to-use visual node-based design to create low-level data structures.

Sverchok IS NOT an all-in-one tool. It does not have lighting and the rest of Blender's toolbox.

Our approach is MATH + MESH + SPLINES + VECTOR FIELDS + NURBS. It lets you operate with digits and math with high level language - visual nodes.

Sverchok consists of two addons - Sverchok itself and Sverchok extra tools from Illya Portnov. Both are on github.

Sverchok has been inspired by Grasshopper from Rhino 3D and it uses a similar node-based visual programming principle. We are trying to bring this feature set to Blender users.

To understand the basics of parametric design in architecture, click here..

Feed Sverchok

Developers, mathematicians are wellcome.

Order new nodes.

Many thanks to all who support us, it is appreciated, and especially thanks to Pavel Kotelevets, who backed us first.

Youtube playlist


Temperature can be determined by crickets: to do this, count sounds quantity per minute, devide on two, add nine, again devide on two. The result is the temperature in degrees of mr. Celsius

Videos on math



Online Graphics Basic Math: Matrices.


Download examples:

There are Examples inside.


BlenderSushi series on sverchok from Jimmy Gunawan

Luis Chavez. Sverchok+Unreal Engine 4.

Elfnor. Work with his honor Matrix.

Original lessons in Russian

Dealga aka Zeffii blog(s) lessons

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